Quintessence Of Perverted Misrepresentation

Deformed sequences and industopia.

Quintessence Of Perverted Misrepresentation

Quintessence Of Perverted Misrepresentation

Deformed sequences and industopia for UVI Falcon.

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Industrial, haunting, hammering, grotesque, noisy, degraded, dystopian loops, sequences, pulses, soundscapes and more.

Quintessence Of Perverted Misrepresentation.
Quintessence has the striking physical characteristic that it causes the expansion of the universe to speed up. Most forms of energy, such as matter or radiation, cause the expansion to slow down due to the attractive force of gravity. For quintessence, however, the gravitational force is repulsive. (source: physicsworld.com)

The foundation of this set come from field-recordings of construction areas, machines, caterpillars, power-fields, factorial surroundings and more, cut and edited to form variated loop structures.

Most sounds are tuned environmental sequences using multiple layers. Some tend to drift towards evolving soundscapes or sound scenes.
The idea is somewhat derived from the Iter Machinae category found in Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis.
Guiding keywords that comes to mind are words like industrial, haunting, hammering, grotesque, creepy, sneaky, distorted, degraded, dark.

Theres heavy use of the stretch module for the included sample content. Everything stays in sync and follows the tempo of your project. Together with tuned filters and oscillator based sources, wavetables, analog etc. each preset is easily placed and/or used in any musical, tonal content and any unmusical and atonal content.

First batch of 184 presets is released (oct 2020). A second batch will follow in due time.

Mikael Adle
Leap Into The Void

  • 184+ sequences, pulses, iterations, soundscapes, textures, synth sounds and more..
  • Extended coloring and morphing using macro knobs.
  • Included sample content, based on field-recordings.
  • Falcon 2.0 required.

  • Estimated release: First batch of 184 presets is available directly upon purchase. A second batch will follow in due time.
    Audio demos

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