Bazille - Nucleotide Manifesto

Circuitry Organa Manifestation.

Nucleotide Manifesto

Nucleotide Manifesto

Circuitry Organa Manifestation for u-he Bazille.

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Nucleotide Manifesto soundset for u-he Bazille.

Suggestive, deep, hypnotic, electric, energetic, dynamic, seductive.
Nucleotide Manifesto soundset features sequences, deep suggestive pulses and rhythmic electronic elements. Included is also a well balanced set of sounds to broaden and complement the whole soundset.

Main focus is on Bazille's amazing oscillators that are so versatile and powerful. Together with the filters and the sequencing possibilities this is an alluring set of deep, hypnotic ostinatos and rhythmic nucleotide manifestos.

Suited for everything electronic, everything deep, everything static, everything organic, hypnotic and everything rhythmic.


  • 100+ presets.
  • Extensive colouring via mod wheel and control assignments.
  • Expressive velocity assignments.
  • Focus on deep suggestive pulses and electronic rhythmic elements.
  • Complete tagging and descriptions for ease of browsing.
  • Created with Bazille 1.1.2.
  • Expected release: Delayed (June).

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    Audio demos

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