Evocative Symbolic Orchestra

Evocative provocative sensible emotional

Evocative Symbolic Orchestra

Evocative Symbolic Orchestra

Evocative provocative sensible emotional sounds for UVI Falcon.

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Evocative Symbolic Orchestra for UVI Falcon. Evocative, provocative, sensible, emotional, dark and divined.

Evocative: First known use. 1657. Means: Evoking or tending to evoke an especially emotional response.
Symbolic: First known use. 1610. Means: Expressing or representing an idea or quality without using words.
Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Evocative Symbolic Orchestra is a complete nucleosynthesized orchestra for your audiovisual pleasures.
Main content is using the analog, noise, pluck and wavetable synthesis parts of Falcon, allthough there are sample based granular content included aswell.
You’ll find everything from tempo-synced concrete abstractions of doom, suggestive rites and pulsating escapades to melodic hybrid instruments, pads and synth sounds to textures, ambiences and drones.

Currectly they are categorized and sorted into the following structure:
Hybrid Melodic.
Soundscapes Synced.
Synth Sounds (bass, lead, synth).

Suited for cinematic, ambient, electronic, dark, epic, tribal, experimental, seductive and hybrid composing.

Estimated relase date: Delayed.


  • 100+ presets.
  • Vast soundshaping possibilities from the macroknobs.
  • Description of each sound on the info page.
  • Detailed patchlist with comments and descriptions of each preset.
  • Falcon 1.3 required.
  • Estimated release date: Delayed.

    Patchlist (dummy until release)


    Audio demos

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