Massive unlimited

Soundlaboratory process.

Massive unlimited

Massive unlimited

Soundlaboratory process (currently 295 presets).

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Audio demos

Massive unlimited is an ongoing soundlaboratory process with no boundaries.

Massive unlimited runs as a one time fee unlimited subscription. You'll get access to all future sounds that will be added on a somewhat regular basis as time allows. The larger part of Massive unlimited contains soundscapes, sequenced sounds, experiments and the occasional sounds of bread and butter.
The sounds are added in smaller clusters using a theme, a character or a specific design technique worth exploring.
As more sounds are added the subscription fee rises.

This soundlaboratory process started with the "Ground constellation", a collection of 50 sounds. New sounds are added in smaller collections called Clusters which usually contains somewhere between 10-20 sounds. (Atm theres been seventeen update clusters and the complete collection contains 295 sounds).


  • Currently 295 presets and rapidly growing.
  • Contains soundscapes, sequenced sounds, experiments and the occasional sounds of bread and butter.
  • Vast sound shaping and coloring possibilities. (Check for example "Cardinal D Times Square" preset (Logic 9 project) in the free downloads section).
  • Detailed patchlist with comments and descriptions of each sound.
  • Massive 1.4.1 required.
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    Audio demos

    Fantastic - these presets are a veritable masterclass on Massive sound design and the creation of multiple potential sonic spaces within a single preset through intelligent and musical use of the macros.
    Stephen Wey, UK, Massive unlimited

    It brings me great joy, to open my e-mail and... Voila! More wondrous Sonic Territories to explore. THANK YOU!!!
    Mr. Ahyh, TN, USA, Massive unlimited

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