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Mikael Adle Leap Into The Void presents

Massive unlimited

Massive unlimited

Sign on to the Massive unlimited subscription and get Massive sounds with no boundaries.

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€ 24.95
No additional fees ever.

Massive unlimited is an ongoing soundlaboratory process with no boundaries.
As the exploration within the frame of Massives boundaries reveals true work of art, it's deepest depths leads to infinite paths.

Massive unlimited subscription.

Subscribe once for the set price, download the sounds and you're in. You'll get access to all future sounds that will be added on a somewhat regular basis as time allows.
The larger part of Massive unlimited contains soundscapes, sequenced sounds, experiments and the occasional sounds of bread and butter.
The sounds are added in smaller clusters using a theme, a character or a specific design technique worth exploring. As more sounds are added the subscription fee will rise.
This soundlaboratory process is starting off with the "Ground constellation", a collection of 50 sounds. New sounds are added in smaller collections called Clusters which usually contains somewhere between 10-20 sounds. (Atm theres been eight update clusters and the complete collection contains 166 sounds).

Please have a listen to the demos to get a hint of what it's about.

Find demos for the individual clusters at the soundcloud page here.

No fx on any of the demos but a small amount of limiter on the output, if not noted in the track title.

Order info.
After your order you will receive a username and password that enables you to download Massive unlimited from the links below.

Massive unlimited subscription downloads
The files are protected and you'll need to receive a key to get access which is sent out after your order.

Ground constellation 50 presets Download

Cluster One 10 presets Download

Cluster Two 10 presets Download

Cluster Three 18 presets Download

Cluster Four 24 presets Download

Cluster Five 12 presets Download

Cluster Six 10 presets Download

Cluster Seven 18 presets Download

Cluster Eight 14 presets Download


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