Falcon Iterata X Subscription

Soundlaboratory process.

Iterata X Subscription

Iterata X Subscription

10 set soundlaboratory process.

€ 89 subscribe now and save €40.

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Falcon Iterata X subscription.
Soundbend-breeding process.

Falcon Iterata X is an intriguing ten (10) set subscription featuring a continuous sound laboratory process in perhaps the vein of "Massive Unlimited".
You'll find all aspects of soundscapes, sequences, experiments and also typically conventional sounds.
Each set will follow a specific theme or a design technique worth exploring. All offering lots of tweaking possibilities presented in a coherent macro page layout.

First set is expected to be released in May/June and the subscription will continue with one new set each month (10 sets total). Each set will also be made available separately when released for €19 each. Full price subscription cost for all ten sets bundled is €89.

The possibilities within Falcon is simply put mind-blowing and to me it's so extremely inspiring to work with this it is going to be a fantastic soundbend-breeding experience.

Experiments and infinite inspiration.


  • Falcon Iterata X soundset subscription.
  • 10 sets, one set per month.
  • Extensive sound shaping and coloring possibilities.
  • Coherent macro page layout.
  • Falcon 2.8 required.

  • First set expected release: may/june.

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