Mikael Adle Leap Into The Void

Eclectic sound sorcery of darkness and divinity.

Leap Into The Void sound design - sound libraries, soundsets and presets for AU and VST instruments.

Contract sound design.
Rhizomatic, Plasmonic factory library.
Xils-lab, PolyKBIII 3.6 factory library.
Native Instruments, Massive X factory library.
UVI, Falcon factory update.
U-he, Repro-5 factory library.
Sugar-bytes, Aparillo factory library.
Sugar-bytes, Factory factory library.
U-he, Bazille factory library.
FXpansion, Strobe 2 factory library.
Native Instruments, Massive factory library.

Midi drumloops for FXpansion, BFD 2 factory content.

I have worked with computers and music software since 1999, started as a drummer in 1987.
Today I compose and perform live improvisation, electro-acoustic, dark ambient and experimental music and am part of Fylkingen which is one of europes leading scenes for contemporary music and intermedia-art.