Pad Scape Sphere

Pads soundscapes and spheres.

Pad Scape Sphere

Pad Scape Sphere

Pads scapes and spherical sounds for UVI Falcon.

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Pad Scape Sphere for UVI Falcon.
Pad Scape Sphere is a collection of both light and dark pads, soundscapes and spheres, breathing, soothing, hypnotising, relaxing and suggestive.
A total of 192 presets, the collection contains 64 pads, scapes and spheres and a collection of 128 synth presets and pulses as derivatives and variations to the 64 pads, scapes and spheres, forming a coherent set for your creative process.

All sounds offer instant morphing and colouring using mod wheel as well as assigned macro faders for direct and easy tweaking.

Estimated release: Early February.


  • 192 presets.
  • Instant morphing and coloring using modwheel.
  • Assigned macro faders for direct and easy tweaking.
  • Compatibility: Presets was created with Falcon 2.8.

  • Estimated release: Early February.
  • Audio demos

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