Crystalline Textures 3

Inductive atoms molecules ions and the bell

Crystalline Textures 3

Crystalline Textures 3

Inductive atoms molecules ions and bells.


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Crystalline Textures 3.
The inductive state of ordered and logical structures of tonality, pulses, noise, dirt, clicks, glitches, feedback and scraping.

Crystalline Textures 3 contains new re-arranged, modified, pushed, recognizable and unrecognizable atoms, molecules, ions and bells all originated from Leap Into The Void Bazille soundsets Crystalline Textures and Crystalline Textures 2.
The overwhelming infinite possible nuances inside Bazille and Crystalline Textures are aweinspiring and the creativity just sprays itself in new orders, colors and structures. It would truly be a shame to pass by. This is the inductive state, pushed into completely new domains and delicacy.

Suited for electronic, experimental, minimal, maximal, metal, cinematic, ambient and hybrid composing.

Crystalline Textures 3 is more than double the size than it's two origins, containing a massive 269 presets of sequences, drones, bass sounds, keys, mallets, soundscapes, textures and synth sounds.
All presets are named according to category BAS, DRO, KEY, MAL, SCA, SEQ etc. followed by preset name for ease of browsing and selection. All presets are also tagged and contain a description of each preset and it's control assignements ModWheel , Ctrl A and Ctrl B along with descriptions of what they do.

Crystalline Textures 3. More diverse than it's two origins and further driven.

Available with immediate download.

  • 269 presets.
  • Modwheel, Ctrl A and Ctrl B assignments for morphing and coloring on all presets.
  • Preset description on all presets
  • Descriptions of all of the assignments and what they do on all presets.
  • Bazille 1.x required.

  • Available with immediate download.

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    Audio demos


    I'm absolutely loving the fragile 'electrical' nature of all the sounds. It literally sounds like there's voltages surging through the cables to create these patches - like every circuit is humming and crackling under the pressure of the signal routing.
    Probably the most hardware sounding noises I've ever heard come out of the little modular darling to date !
    mcbpete, kvr member, England, Crystalline Textures 2

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