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Thou Serpent Continuum

Thou Serpent Continuum

Creepy, ominous, dark, seductive and divined with temperament and wisdom.
A continuous saga of The Serpent.
Thou Serpent Continuum is a remodeled and nurtured version of The Serpent where each oscillator and signal path has been soloed and carefully brought into completely new sounds.

The outcome is a parallel universe with a completely new structure and behavior that is linked by sharing a vision and one or several settings. These are not twins, they are not even siblings but, they are definitely linked in one way or the other by sharing for example a modulation structure and timing, a signal path but with new oscillator waveforms, new filters and inserts or envelopes and modulations that have been exchanged between presets, presenting the original idea in a new surrounding. I believe this is just what the doctor ordered.

Thou Serpent Continuum contains 145 dark atmospheres, multitrack sequences, drones, creepy soundscapes, thrilling rhythm beds, evolving pads, synth leads and bass sounds from both beauty and damnation.

All of the sounds are designed to enthrall instantly and, with innovative assignments of each macro knob they also enable an enormous range of possible variations.

Wether you compose music, work with sound art, film or games that needs gloomy drone atmospheres, thrilling rhythm beds, dark soundscapes, mysterious leads, suggestive tempo-synced sounds, industrial doom and/or you do live performances and look for sounds that can be changed, morphed and transformed in all imaginable and unimaginable ways, this library will inspire and feed your creativity.

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All sounds come from the soundset with no external fx or processing but a small amount of Logics Limiter on the output.

Download patchlist with comments PDF: Thou Serpent Continuum Patchlist and comments

Price: € 24.95

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