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    Leap Into The Void
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  • Locus Odyssey
    Coming next...
    Locus Odyssey
    Soundset for u-he Bazille
  • Elegance Macabre
    Coming next next...
    Elegance Macabre
    Dark elegant macabre sounds
    for Alchemy
  • Memento Mori
    Just released...
    Memento Mori
    Seductive metamorphosis
    for Absynth
  • Entropy Module
    Recent releases...
    Entropy Module
    Random bits blips maze and synth sounds
    for u-he Bazille
  • Warmer Mystery In Ambient Atmospheres
    Warmer Mystery
    In Ambient Atmospheres
    for NI Massive
  • Polymorphic Atavism
    Polymorphic Atavism
    for u-he Bazille
  • The Abyss - Extended path
    The Abyss - Extended path
    Emeritus Ritus Necnon Infinitum
    for Absynth

Welcome to Leap Into The Void

Eclectic sound sourcery for VST and AU instruments

Featured in the Vikings TV-series

Being a noncommercial sound designer myself , i find that i just can’t get to all the synths that i would like to. Fortunately, Mikael’s programming for Massive and Absynth totally satisfies my needs for dark cinematic tones. Each of his patches tell a story by themselves. They are used on the Viking Tv Series and mix well with Wardruna’s musical offerings. They have a long shelf life, great intention and will be used for quite sometime. I highly recommend Mikael’s creations to all if you want a different twist for your projects.
Steven Tavaglione, Score sound designer and soloist, Vikings Tv Series.

Photo credit: imdb

Sounds of darkness and divinity

This is the best Soundbank I have ever heard, and I´ve heard a lot. Fantastic Sounds, Drones and brilliant other Stuff. These are the Tones I was looking for all the Times.
Karl von Hoersten, Berlin, Germany, The Abyss

Leap Into The Void featured in Forza Motorsport 6

I put your patches to good use in my score for Forza Motorsport 6. Love your sounds.
Kaveh Cohen, Composer, Forza Motorsport 6.

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