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    Eerie drones and
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    Omin Obscurus Atmosphaerum
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  • Flow
    Pads of motivation
  • Enchantment Of Absynth Trilogy
  • Fundamental
    Drop dead subs
    ultra leads


Omin Obscurus Atmosphaerum

Cinematic, death ambient, drone, noise, industrial.
Imagine the atmospheres of the deepest forests, harsh deserts, arctic storms, the ambience of a ghost city, the tail of a comet, industries inside a tomb combined with grains of spirituality and, you have just perfectly depicted Omin Obscurus Atmosphaerum.

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Omin Obscurus Atmosphaerum


Fundamental contains 95 sub bass, bass and lead sounds. It is a hybrid collection blending deep electronica subs, fat bass sounds, dirty leads with expressive synth sounds inspired by artists such as Joe Zawinul, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, colored just enough to give it a certain amount of a Leap Into The Void.

Ultra sub basses and eclectic leads.

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Flow is a collection of pads whose character is best described as a continuous flow. There are mellow pads, deep pads, lush pads, rich pads, detuned pads, organ pads and more, all sharing one purpose. If you want you could call them, basic pads with a touch of Leap Into The Void. Leap Into The Void have named them ”Flow”.

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Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3

Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3

Entelechy And The Aesthetic Glitch.
Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 3 contains percussive elements, tempo-synced sequences, soundscapes, textures, drones, noise, lead sounds, bass sounds, pads and more. A big source of inspiration for Vol. 3 come from glitch composers such as a couple of the names from the label raster-noton, with the dark and divined touch of a Leap Into The Void.

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Just a short note to say that I picked this up yesterday and am blown away. I usually don't buy preset packs for my synths (I usually don't even have time to get through the stock presets), but I heard these examples and decided to take the plunge. I am very very glad I did. These are not mere presets - they are almost like individual compositions that have beginnings, middles and ends, evolving over time. Entire moods can be evoked simply by pressing a single key. I would strongly recommend that anyone with Massive pick this up; it is a shining example of first-rate patch development.
Brett Harris, Darker Than Dark Within Bloom
I finally had a little time tonight to listen to some Flow patches. What a delight they are! The Macro knobs allow so much manipulation of the sounds that every patch has an amazing range of variation. I’ve only got as far as “Drive” in the past hour or so. There is just so much in each patch to listen to and alter. I’m taking my time with these so I don’t miss anything. I’m so impressed that you have the skill and patience to create such beauty.
Dave Burns, MA USA, Flow

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