• Polymorphic Atavism
    Coming next...
    Polymorphic Atavism
    for u-he Bazille
  • The Abyss - Extended path
    Latest releases...
    The Abyss - Extended path
    Emeritus Ritus Necnon Infinitum
    for Absynth
  • Post Zen Fusion
    Post Zen Fusion
    Seances raster and patterns
    for Bazille
  • Metamodernistic Distortion
    Metamodernistic Distortion
    Progressive and industrial sounds
    for Bazille
  • Pads Of The Sky
    Pads Of The Sky
    Transcendental harmony
    for Absynth
  • Crystalline Textures
    Atoms molecules ions and the bell
    for Bazille
    Waveform chants and iterations
    for Bazille
    Primeval rituals and imposing widths
    for Absynth
  • Fields Of Serenity
    Sounds of calm and delight
    for Massive

Welcome to Leap Into The Void

eclectic sound sourcery of darkness and divinity

featured in the Vikings TV-series

Photo credit: imdb

Latest releases

Pads Of The Sky

Pads Of The Sky is what I’d like to call a fairytale with transcendental dreams on clouds.
It is a collection of warm, gracious and delicate pads together with keys, leads and bass sounds with direct and inviting expressiveness on all of the 72 sounds contained in this soundset.
All sounds range from basic to the more esoteric and have been designed with harmony and positive energy in mind.

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Crystalline Textures

Ordered and logical structures of tonality, noise, dirt, clicks, glitches, feedback and scraping.

The library have what I'd like to call two dominant areas, the first is textures with a slow attack. The second is what may better be described as bell and mallet sounds, sounds with fast attack and long release. Holding down these notes for a longer time enables an evolving texture aswell.
All textures are tempo-synced, from hardly noticeable to distinct. They are evolving and contains a less or more pronounced rhythmic structure.
A set of complementary sounds (mostly melodic), carefully designed to suit the ambience and environment is also included in the library.

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Crystalline Textures

Canto Con Brio Electric

Tempo-synced, minimalistic, electric, experimental, digital, glitch, rhythm, bass, lead and keys from clean to distorted. The main part consists of tempo-synced sounds, from simple rhythmic building blocks to sequenced pads to the more unconventional iterations of sound, all inspired by my own history of preference and also from some of todays contemporary electronic composers. Call it minimal, experimental and Leap Into The Void.
There are lead, keys, pads and bass sounds included aswell that I’d like to describe as ”colors of vigour”, with great expressiveness and inspiring to play and to use when composing.

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The Abyss

The Abyss (Latin Abyssus bottomless) is an infinite Leap Into The Void of primeval rituals and imposing widths. Pushed towards immeasurable amounts of audiovisual colors, everything in The Abyss is organic, static and alive at the same time, where time is non-existent.

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The Abyss

Fields Of Serenity

Fields Of Serenity contains pads and soundscapes smooth as silk, warm and heavenly. It contains sounds of joy, harmony, calmness and delight. The main focus of the soundset is pads and soundscapes which is completed with lead sounds designed to create beautiful melodies aswell as bass sounds with an initial softer touch.

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Omin Obscurus Atmosphaerum

Cinematic, death ambient, drone, noise, industrial and spiritual.
Imagine the atmospheres of the deepest forests, harsh deserts, arctic storms, the ambience of a ghost city, the tail of a comet, industries inside a tomb combined with grains of spirituality and, you have just perfectly depicted Omin Obscurus Atmosphaerum.

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Omin Obscurus Atmosphaerum


Being a noncommercial sound designer myself , i find that i just can’t get to all the synths that i would like to. Fortunately, Mikael’s programming for Massive and Absynth totally satisfies my needs for dark cinematic tones. Each of his patches tell a story by themselves. They are used on the Viking Tv Series and mix well with Wardruna’s musical offerings. They have a long shelf life, great intention and will be used for quite sometime. I highly recommend Mikael’s creations to all if you want a different twist for your projects.
Steven Tavaglione, Score sound designer and soloist, Vikings Tv Series.
I finally had a little time tonight to listen to some Flow patches. What a delight they are! The Macro knobs allow so much manipulation of the sounds that every patch has an amazing range of variation. I’ve only got as far as “Drive” in the past hour or so. There is just so much in each patch to listen to and alter. I’m taking my time with these so I don’t miss anything. I’m so impressed that you have the skill and patience to create such beauty.
Dave Burns, MA USA, Flow

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